Flower Wall Panels

Flower Wall hire costs vary greatly, so it is important to understand the differences in flower walls before hiring and making sure that the wall you hire meets your expectation because not all flower walls are the same.

Flower Walls are made up by using and piecing together multiple panels of flowers. The overall look of a wall will be dependent on the quality and the amount of flowers used in each panel. Some flower wall suppliers use panels with less flowers compared to other suppliers who use very expensive panels. When a bride or an event organiser is comparing different flower wall hire supliers alongside different quotes there maybe large differences in price. A flower wall supplier who appears to be very cheap comapred to others may use very cheap flowers and the wall maynot be as a quality wall.

We at Worcestershire Flower Walls offer you a choice of walls with different degrees of quality so you can make an informed choice about which flower wall is best for you. We use three different type of flower panels to make up our walls. Value Flower Wall, Premium Flower Walls and Luxury Flower Walls.

Worcestershire Flower Walls - White Flow

Value Flowers

Nice simple Flower Walls offering good value for money addition to any event. These flower wall panels are mainly made with silk Hydrangea. Some panels have Hydrangea with some silk roses. They are our least dense walls but make good  backdrops for selfies, large top tables and exhibition flower walls.

Worcestershire Flower Walls - Penelope F

Premium Flowers

Premium flower wall panels contains more flowers than our value panels. Depending on the design they will contain more quality flowers. The flower panels will be more densely populated and will appear thinker and more impressive for photos, selfies and overall appearence.

Worcestershire Flower Walls - Florence F

Luxury Flowers

Our Luxury Flower walls look absolutely amazing, The panels are made up of the finest quality silk flowers, they are denslely packed, beautifilly designed and will add a real wow factor to your wedding or event. They are stunning flower walls perfect for wedding photos, corporate event photos or exhibition stands.