Flower Wall Hire in Birmingham


If you looking to hire a flower wall for your wedding, party or event in Birmingham then Worcestershire Flower Walls can provide you with a fantastic artifial silk Flower Wal which will wow your guests, Flower Walls make a great flower wall backdrops for photos, selfies, Corporate branding. We have a range of walls in various sizes, colours and various quality so we can find a flower wall to meet your requirements. All of our flower walls can be personalised with signage and branding.

All of our flower walls are availble to hire for either a half day or whole day. We will deliver, install and make sure the wall looks absolutely perfect for you special event. We will then return and collect it at a time to suit at the end of your event. We will liase with the venue to ensure and smooth installation and collection service.

Birmingham Flower Wall Hire


How much does a Flower Wall cost?

The cost of hiring a flower will vary greatly dependent on the supplier and most importantly the quality of the wall. As well as the quality of the actual flowers,The amount of flowers used in the production of the wall is the main things that effects the overall look of the walls. The more flowers that are used in the production will determine how densely populated the walls are. 


There are lots of suppliers who can and do supply cheap flower wallls and the hire price will be refelcted in that. A flower wall hire company who has spent £300 on a cheap chinese imported flower wall is obviously not going to be charging the same rate as a comapny that have purcahse a uk made densely populated flower wall at a cost of £2000.

Here a Worcestershire Flower walls we have a value, premium and luxury wall range available for hire.


How do i book?

Simply fill out the contact form below and well send your a quote as soon as possible. Please ensure you provide us your full details including Date, Venue Times required and which wall you are intereseted in. You can find a list of all our new d walls by visiting our "New Walls" page.

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